Religion Essay 代写:看灵性的定义

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Religion Essay 代写:看灵性的定义





Religion Essay 代写:看灵性的定义

As it is clear human being have been advanced in many aspects of science, but in humanitarian issues have long way to go. because the problems such as injustice, poverty, hunger, crime….so on ,not only have not been solved but also have been gotten worse, it appears that we have not done a good job for this part and we need a basic overhaul.

In our ever-increasing scientific age scientists are not able to answer our spiritual questions which are vital and fundamental questions of life. They are realizing that the mysterious force is silently at work behind every thing in life and when we find our answers to these questions, we could discover our identity.

From the astonishing of human life and the perfect balance order of the universe, we could realize there is an invisible wisdom beyond this creative world that has noble plan for all creation. Some times in our ordinary lives even with all the possessions and superficial happiness we feel empty inside we are seeking something that can truly fill us and connect us with invisible force which is part of ourselves.



God created us with his virtues if we want to manifest them we should put into practice our godly virtues through doing this we know our creator deeply. As we all can see we have lost our genuine meaning of be a true human being during passing times, for the reason that our merciful creator sent our prophets with their holy books to guide and to awaken our true attributes and activate them to the full potential and eventually to be selfless human being which we should be.