Religion Essay 代写:做祷告超越人类神学

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Religion Essay 代写:做祷告超越人类神学








Religion Essay 代写:做祷告超越人类神学

The concept of prayer in human civilization is found in all religions, be it these modern times or the Greek civilization. In different dictionaries, the meaning of the word "prayer" is "words that you say or think when praying to God" or "a spiritual communion with God or any object of worship, for thanksgiving, adoration and or confession."

There is a concept of limitation existing in humans where with all their research, technology, information, tools and powers they do not succeed in doing anything in specific that specific point is marked as Limit or as a human limitation, some term it unsolved problem or some point in the time mankind where there is more research and work is needed to be done in order to unfold the secrets of that specific thing which is a myth or a limit.

There are a large number of populations who not only assume but firmly believe that prayers can transcend those human & divine boundaries.  For that who are these prayers for? The Concept of God? Divinity? Boundaries and Human Nature and Psychology must be discussed and explored in detail.

Humans have a few ways to know about anything one is by brain or logic another is by its past and history and the third one is any source be it a book or anything that describes about that thing. There were stories found in the Greek mythology that tell stories related to Gods and telling how they affected earth and happenings on earth. A connection of this world and another world is created, found or sought to make a point that the things which cannot be done from earth or by the people of earth they can be done and limits and the boundaries can be stretched if help is sought from the Lord almighty or the Divine power.

There is part of consciousness and sub consciousness. The basic human nature is to pray and seek help when he finds himself in trouble and there is a will inside a human to communicate to the Ultimate and the Supreme. The need is fulfilled by bringing you to a point where there are limitation, hurdles and barriers this connects and guides you from the inside to communicate to the ultimate.

Enlightenment is what is sought through all this, to know the gifts of God and nature, but this can only be done though prayers and by building a connection with the God. There are individual limitations and boundaries as well as community and on the whole there are some limitations which are there, to go beyond and to be the nature of the humans, curiosity is the basic human nature.

To make life more meaningful and to understand and to live it an extent that other might not without seeking help is not possible. The concept of prayer is very wide it can a silent thought in a mind or it can be a loud announcement in the public by many people in a social gathering all seeking asking for help, confessing or getting self satisfaction.