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后现代主义者如Louis Boudrillard和Malcolm Waters认为,阶级是一个幻觉。他们相信,由于后现代社会的自然流动性,阶级已经死了。有人说,流体因素的例子是生活方式,社会关系和其他人。Malcolm waters主张的生活方式是动态的,这意味着它是不断变化的,因此,它是不可能的个人采取一种生活方式很长一段时间。这意味着缺乏资源可以使一个改变他们的生活方式和丰富的资源也可以使一个人改变他们的生活方式。它工作的两种方式。此外,一个人的生活方式也可以改变由于个人偏好。换言之,一个人可以决定改变他们的生活方式,因为他们想,而不是因为他们必须。




Social class can be defined as the economic position of a person or a group of people within a society. Britannica encyclopaedia on the other hand defines social class as “a group of people within a society that possess the same socioeconomic status” it was first derived in the 19th century replacing the word “rank”. The use of the word “social class” reflected the change in the structure of the western European societies after the industrial and political revolutions of the late 18th century. Although the term can be applied to social groups in a large range of societies, it is mostly confined to the social divisions in modern society especially industrialized societies. Social classes are different fromstatus groups. Social class is based primarily upon economic interests, while status groups are governed by evaluations of the honour or proof of an occupation, cultural position, or family descent. There are different opinions as to whether social class still exists in the modern world.

Post modernist such as Louis Boudrillard and Malcolm Waters believe that class is an illusion. They believe class is dead due to the natural fluidity in the post modern society. It is said that examples of fluid factors are lifestyle, social connection and others. Malcolm waters claims lifestyle is dynamic which means it is always changing thus it is impossible for an individual to adopt one life style for a long time. This means that lack of resources can make one change their lifestyle and abundance of resources can also make an individual change their lifestyle. It works both ways. Additionally, an individual’s lifestyle can also change due to personal preference. In other words, an individual can decide to change their life style because they want to and not because they have to.

Another fluid factor that is said to prove the death of class is social connection. This is evident because individuals cross contact from time to time and the people we meet differ. Therefore it is impossible to meet one person from the same class although one’s life. Thus class is dead.

Moreover, the post modern nature of the world today proves the death of class. This is because the introduction of things like information technology and industrialisation has helped provide certain facilities that were restricted to a particular set of people to others as a result of mass production and dissemination of information.