research report怎么写:规则

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research report怎么写:规则

As a rule, to create a social stigma to one quality that is considered to be illustrative, and a set of qualities that are attributed on the basis of having the first, as evidenced by the following examples: "Women can not drive car properly" - it is a form of stigma associated with sexism. As a fact, on average women drive car not worse than men do, although, of course, they have their own characteristics in this activity. It is important that not necessarily every woman will be greeted poorly led and well-established stigma that implies. "Germans are Nazis" - in this case it is used the collective responsibility (unacceptable humanistic morality) to justify the actions of individuals in that period. "Homosexuals have feminine behavior" - it is the transfer of features typical for some, the entire demographic group.

It should be noted that stigma can lead to discrimination as the real action that limits the rights of some groups. Though, in civilized countries a clear stigma and related discrimination are prohibited by law or condemned the culture of almost every society that saturated stigmas. For example, people who came to New York from the provinces, being labeled "provincial". It is believed that they are less cultured than the locals; consequently, it can be said that stigma leads to discrimination.Â

As a matter of fact, social stigma sometimes can be couched in positive form, for example, the military can "praise" for an unusually sensible idea for a man of his profession. Such "positive" labels can be no less offensive than the stigma explicit negative direction. At the same time it should not be attributed to the discharge stigmas each offensive or ironic definition. If a man was offended in transport, it does not mean that he was stigmatized.