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如何写Business essay Organisation And Management Assignment

Planning and Control system, process and strategies:

Countdown developing corporate purchasing policy with new and legacy global system. The main aim of the countdown is to achieve profit and saving through applying sourcing strategy. Countdowns check the staff member ability time to time. They change the product according to public taste. If people do not satisfy with the product, countdown doesn’t get profit. There are many things to review the countdown processing:

Staff management, role creation, staff performance review.

Put customers’ always first is there first proity.

Planning and managing cost center, personal and other resources to budgets and time-scales

Communicating with people of various levels and cultural, often under difficult circumstances

Team structure and dynamics:

They are passionate about what they are and where they live. The team works with the structure of all staff involved. Staff and managers, assistant managers reporting to managers report. Therefore, be sure that the right level of communication between employees and management is high. Also, if a major project for the entire project team is being formed and where there is no need. Workers work under a project manager.

2. Discussion

2.1 Type and size of organization:

Finding and Analysis:

Countdown Manurewa Store Manager Ranjit Singh said the supermarket would be a welcome addition to the local community. “The feedback we’ve had from locals has been wonderful,” Mr. Singh said. “I think the Manurewa community is looking forward to having some healthy competition in the area, and we’re committed to bringing our customers Countdown’s fantastic range of fresh food and great value.”

Countdown Manurewa will include a large in-store bakery baking fresh goods daily from scratch, as well as a butchery and seafood department, and expansive produce section.

The store will also feature a walk-in beer chiller, a Lotto outlet situated in the foyer and 255 car parks. It will have 16 checkouts in total, including four express checkouts and six self-serve checkouts so customers can scan and pay for their shopping themselves.

The store has been carefully designed and constructed to reduce its impact on the environment. It features energy efficient CO2 refrigeration plant systems, night blinds on refrigerated cabinets, sliding covers on freezers, heat reclaim off the refrigeration coils and energy efficient lighting to help minimize the store’s carbon footprint.

Over 2,000 applicants applied for approximately 100 full-time and part-time positions at the store. Mr. Singh said the Manurewa Community Board and local kiwi had commended Countdown for employing locals. “We’re pleased to have made 66 new hires from the local community, and many of our senior team members who have transferred over to the new store are also from Manurewa,” he said.

Countdown Manurewa will also offer an extension to Countdown’s successful online shopping service at other South Auckland stores, with a new Click and Collect service. Launching at the store on 12 November, Click and Collect allows shoppers to order online and collect the items themselves from a dedicated collection counter in store.

Mr.Singh said despite some tight time frames, the store was ready for opening day. “We originally anticipated opening in early December, but we’ve worked really hard to bring opening day forward for the Manurewa community, and the store is looking great,” he said.

Countdown online, including Click and Collect, is at The store will be open Monday through to Sunday from 7:00am to 10:00pm.

2.2 Organisational Structure:

HRM policies of countdown:

In every Privatecompany, they have HRM policies to manage the employee’s performance and internal environment of company. In countdown they assist the general manager of human resources. Management gives many responsibilities to HR manager. In countdown HR manager look on the different area of company which is divided by products. They recognize the employees according to companies demand. HR manager has responsibilities of recruitment of employees. They hire the skilled people for company and look their performance at workplace. They also judge the employees work. HR manager has remuneration policies of the employees. They also give rewards to employees. HR manager has remuneration policies about the issues of wages, salaries and benefits which they give to employees according to their performance. They have other HR operations about health and safety issues of employees in the line of company. It also includes the creating good internal environment at work place.

Findings and Analysis:

Store operations Major Progressive Enterprises Mangere, Auckland head office is handled. Reserves are divided among the 10 regions. Each area is an area manager, and all areas are supported by a national operations manager. Previously, the area was divided into North and South, with all 5 sectors.

In Countdown bread, bakery items, various vegetables, seafood, apparels and even drugs, including all domestic and even the basic needs of all food products are sold.

Countdown has an equal opportunity employer, embracing and promoting diversity. This is our basic values, dignity, courtesy, and respect for our culture is one of doing business with.

Our top level, policies and plans it is important to help build. Middle and lower levels, plans and programs prepared by top management are explained and executed. Countdown, through the leadership and guidance of subordinates plans and execution time is used. Here, the manager of the company’s representative. A store manager of the store to the public represents how the company cares about them. In the store, it leads to all employees and makes decisions. A manager assistant, intelligent, mature and experienced him / her to provide positive results. And if possible then we invite them to plan and implement the organization’s programs. He should be a problem-solving approach. They listen and try to solve the problems of the employees can. So every level manageris leader.

It is a multi-cultural workforce we have here. It’s really important for us to achieve the company’s goals and to do that, I need the full support of its people. So what we are communicating with employees at all levels of management focus. As I personally observe with the cultural differences on the issues. People from different cultures have different ways of thinking. As a fact, sometimes they don’t agree on a particular point. So I talk to both parties and resolved. Then, we have for our co-worker norms, values, culture and speak about respect.

E-mail is mainly used for official work. Communication between head office and stores is completely based on e-mails. We humid and fax facilities in all stores. We use only the government has the Internet and Intranet.

Employees to use all these techniques to get the proper training. So it is for selected employees. Using public announcement system and telephone system inside the store, the employee has received appropriate training. This training learning jargons, telephone, etiquette etc.

Informational security is very important to us. We have in store for all electronic servers, installed and maintained by a third-party service provider.

The company has a customer care center. In addition, we help our customers online shopping feature their shopping via the Internet. Therefore, when a customer shops online, manage our customer care shopping. The shopping list, the transaction process and to ensure that the closest countdown gets to meet and shopping.