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如何写Business essay Organisation And Management Assignment

2.3 Environmental Factors:

1- Cultural-Culture is the part of every society and is the important cause of person wants and behavior. The influence of culture on buying behavior is different by nationality to nationality therefore marketers have to be very careful in analyzing the culture of different groups, regions or even countries. For example: Countdown’s main competitors are Foodstuffs-owned full-service supermarket New World and discount supermarket Pak’nSave.

2- Social-Social effects are considered as the effect of people living in society by different segment, our products are much likely for the young middle class people and the persons who are working hard at their job place more over the student are also like our product because it is not too expensive in price then our competitor and its price is affordable too. So people from different segments of society effect differently on market strategy of our products.

3-Economics-The economic condition of a country has a huge impact on the marketing strategy of a company and it matters a lot in sale volume of a product because if a country has a poor economy due to poverty population and unemployment. Countdown targeting the middle class living persons who are working on $12.50 to $18 per hour salary. Moreover in New Zealand many students and other people working on low cost salary and they are also our target so for them we have to decrease date of our product because they also need our product. Because our margin is good in each products.

4- Technological-

Technological advancement made far easy to communicate with each other and travel from one place to other place and more assessable to the customers. Due to advancement of world Countdown is also devolving technically. We have online website to get more information about our product and services. People can gather each and every sort of knowledge about our innovative products by visit our online website moreover, nowadays almost everyone is using facebook due to advanced interacting technology. We have a fan page on facebook and twitter where can join us and remained up to date with our products and offers. These are technological factors effects on our marketing strategy.


Demographic profile means to select your target audience according to sex, age etc so that’s a demographic profile for customers. There are different segments of people according to sex age occupation nationality and etc. Countdown is also having products according to demographic segmentation of people.


Where as competitors are concern more the competitors harder would be the competition so whereas consumer are concern they will get the choice if you have competitors in your business so to attract the consumer you should offer some promotions. Countdown has 60 % market share in New Zealand but it has a big competitor which is known as Super Market and Pak’nSave.

In terms of pricing, Countdown generally places on par with New World or in between the two. In a September 2009 Consumer magazine survey, Countdown was placed third in Auckland, with a basket of 40 brand items costing $136, four dollars behind New World and $21 behind Pak’nSave. A year earlier in September 2008, a Consumer magazine survey placed Countdown second in Auckland, with a basket of 15 private label items costing $38.24, only $0.91 behind fellow Progressive brand Woolworths (the Woolworths store in question has since become a Countdown), and $1.87 ahead of the nearest rival, Pak’nSave.

7- Ethnics-Ethnic means a group of people from distinct cultures and regions. Ethnicity is considered as nationality or cultural and regional identification of a person and it has a huge effect on market strategy of every product and marketing strategy. People from different parts of world have their own choices. In New Zealand there are many people living from many different regions and cultures. They effect on Countdown marketing strategy. Because for example peoples from India and some part of Asia do not know much about Countdown because most of them didn’t went before. So have to make its marketing strategy according to ethnics of customers.

8-Political-Political factors are considered as including laws, agencies and group that influence and limit organizations and individuals in a given society. The dimensions being evaluated include the government attitude to foreign markets, the stability and financial policies of a country and government bureaucracy. Now Countdown is a multinational company because they are exporting their products to United Kingdom, Netherlands, Maldives and Argentina. Government made different to laws export the product in different part of world.

9-Legal- Legal included the rules and regulations in a country and these rules are different in different countries. Each country has their own legal system and when a company internationalizes then it must keep within these legal systems. In New Zealand is there is also rule of fair trade act. Countdown drink is following these legal rules by providing all right information about product on its label.

10-Natural-The climate and physical terrain of a country are important environmental conditions which have a significant effect on the demand and the type of product made available. Countdown is producing their products according to natural condition of New Zealand like humidity and attitude. If the environment is not have humidity then the expiry period of a product of v will be very small. That’s why we are producing our product according to the environment.

2.4 Planning and Control system, process and strategies: