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如何写Business essay Organisation And Management Assignment


The media and investment news sources have a tendency to talk about the taxes changes and the stock market at a macroeconomic level. Family financial planning occurs at the microeconomic levels. What that means is that families, with their Advisors, need to look at these issues and what it means for them specifically. This starts with an investment and cash flow plan which looks at a family’s specific goals and objectives. Then the plan needs to take into account a family’s cash flow, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, and family dynamics. The planning considerations should be discussed and monitored in relation to the overall investment plan.

Head accessories and thorough communication between stores is based on e-mails. We humid and fax facilities in all stores. But the government has access to the Internet and Intranet. Telephone in every department in the cafeteria through which communication is done without speaking. Countdown technologies are fully up to date. Third party service providers who basically supply and total telephone and fax system according to contract and maintain the system. Their service is very efficient and we get the answer within 24 hours. Countdown group mailing system and maintains the server and is managed by directing email between us.

Public announcement system and inside the store using telephoning system, all employees receive the appropriate training.

Information about safety and security and our third party company has already been employed to ensure that data and information assurance. Countdown in every branch of the electronic server installed and maintained by a third-party service provider. In addition, a separate Customer Care Centre countdown. Each week they serve customers all over New Zealand about 2 million.


Countdown store about 18,000 employees around the Kiwi is proud to employ. In addition, communication between head offices and shops are completely based e-mail. Countdown to the technologies used is completely up to date. Third party service providers are fairly efficient response for 24 hours. It is true that a self-serving Czech Countdown – out but no operator. Czech – out of the operator is less than expected. If they cannot increase in the future, for the benefit of customers in your store self serve checkout operator.

2.5 Team structure and dynamics:

Countdown is very independent and basically everything the team manager / supervisor in charge and depends on staff. For day to day operations of all departmental heads to receive instructions from managers. General Staff supervisors get it work all the time.

Schedule works for a general manager or assistant manager will report to the department. He / she reports to the supervisor as a supervisor or manager or assistant manager will get instructions. On the other hand, if the employee is working in a project if he / she does not need to be reported to the departmental head. All store managers, area managers and regional managers to get directions.

Countdown time to time promotions to run on a variety of products. Countdown to design one of the staff people also need to calculate the estimated results. I have carried out similar operations before the data is reached.

Team structure:

• Part of a high performance team

• Long-term and short-term objectives and implementing new business plan.

• High pressure and dynamic workplace with strong management skills.

• To improve the efficiency of customer care.

2.6 Leadership:

Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task “.Leadership is “organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal”.

It also refers the different things to different people to identify its purpose, establishing direction, gaining commitment, and motivating others towards success. While a leader’s influence and control may be imposed on others, it is often connected to the needs and objectives of his or her followers. Power is the capacity to affect the behaviour of others. It includes the notion that leaders influence and exercise control over others. Some suggest that leaders act in the general long-term best interest of a group or organisation. Power is the capacity to affect the behaviour of others.

Types of leadership:


The autocratic leadership style allows managers to make decisions alone without the input of others. Managers possess total authority and impose their will on employees. No one challenges the decisions of autocratic leaders. Countries such as Cuba and North Korea operate under the autocratic leadership style. This leadership style benefits employees who require close supervision. Creative employees who thrive in group functions detest this leadership style.


Leader share problem with followers, get their consultation and takes decision. But decision may or may not reflect ideas of followers. Leader takes decision and persuades other that the decision is correct. It is useful where followers are skilled and their consultation is important.

Laissez Faire:

A laissez-faire leader lacks direct supervision of employees and fails to provide regular feedback to those under his supervision. Highly experienced and trained employees requiring little supervision fall under the laissez-faire leadership style. However, not all employees possess those characteristics. This leadership style hinders the production of employees needing supervision. The laissez-faire style produces no leadership or supervision efforts from managers, which can lead to poor production, lack of control and increasing costs.


Often called the democratic leadership style, participative leadership values the input of team members and peers, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the participative leader. Participative leadership boosts employee morale because employees make contributions to the decision-making process. It causes them to feel as if their opinions matter. When a company needs to make changes within the organization, the participative leadership style helps employees accept changes easily because they play a role in the process. This style meets challenges when companies need to make a decision in a short period.

3. Countdown Scam Warning:

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