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澳洲作业代写 大学生开公司 having a company before graduation

Nowadays, some universitystudents own a company before their graduation. People have different opinionsconcerning this issue and the heated discussions are right on their way. In myopinion of the view, I do not advocate that students have a company beforetheir graduation.


There are reasons accounting formy view. First, to manage a company needs a lot of time and energy, which wouldinfluence students’ study. The most important thing for students is to learnsomething and practice their ability of thinking independently, instead of earningmoney. Therefore, I advocate students spend more time to learn and think sothat they can find their way to live. Second, having a company beforegraduation is not good for students’ psychological health. Those who have acompany before their graduation are most those who are born with a sliver spoonin mouth. If they are allowed to have a company before their graduation, theywill never worry about their job losing and family supporting; never know howto make a living by themselves; and never want to be independent from theirparents or other relationships.


In short, I do not advocatestudents have a company before graduation, especially with the help of theirrelationships. But I appreciate those who own their companies by their ownefforts.