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硕士论文代写价格 奥斯陆协议




硕士论文代写价格 奥斯陆协议

However, after the signing of the Oslo Accords violence erupted on both sides, but particularly on the Palestinian side. The Palestinians expected the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops, but Yasser Arafat failed to inform the Palestinian people that the Oslo Accords laid out a five year plan based on the gradual efforts made by both the Palestinians and the Israelis and that there would be no immediate removal of Israeli troops. Because the Palestinians did not understand that the Oslo Accords laid out five year plan rather than an immediate solution, they saw the lack of immediate removal of Israeli troops as Israel going against their deal of land for peace, and the terrorist attacks from Palestinian terror organizations on Israeli civilians greatly increased following the signing of the Oslo Accords.

Furthermore, the Oslo Accords left all the important issues unresolved, leaving many points of contention to the permanent status negotiations that were to follow, including the issues of the status of Jerusalem, the future of Palestinian refugees, the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza, and future borders of a Palestinian state. The disappointment in the postponement of results to be accomplished by the Israelis sparked the increase in violence seen in the time immediately following the signing of the Oslo Accords. Furthermore, in signing the Oslo Accords, Arafat signed an agreement that he could not deliver on. Arafat had absolutely no control over the Palestinian terrorist organizations, such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas, and the Palestinian terror organizations had no intentions of ending terror and giving Israel peace.

Because terrorism against Israel did not decrease, it instead increased, Israel refused to withdraw Israeli troops and military from the agreed upon territories. This refusal of immediate withdrawal further infuriated the Palestinians and therefore promoted even more violent terrorist attacks on the Israelis. Therefore, the reciprocity debate continued. Israel was willing to withdraw from the territory only after the Palestinians fulfilled their security commitments, and the Palestinians insisted on the withdrawal of the Israelis taking place simultaneously with the end to terrorism.