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硕士论文 关于呆在室内about keeping indoors

Have you ever been surprised by the trendthat young people would rather stay indoors than go outside? This phenomenonhas drawn great public concern .To this phenomenon, different people come upwith various idea.


  Some people are in favor of the idea of keeping indoors .They point outthe fact that staying indoors can save a lot of money. They would avoidspending money in travelling and shopping. They also argue that they wouldrather save time to do other things than waste time to walk around. However,other people stand on a different ground. They consider it is harmful to stayindoors. They firmly point out that people would be in poor health if theyalways stay indoors. Most young people watch TV, play computer games and searchthe Internet when they keep indoors .Younger need do excise and enjoy fresh air.What’s worse, keeping indoors makes youth lack of communication with othersand their social ability will be in a bad situation .


   Asfar as I am concerned, it dose harm to stay indoors for a long period .We oughtto enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and talking with people .We can stayindoors once in a while to dispute our assignment .Though with the widespreadof the Internet, we can almost do everything at home, we have to enjoy ouroutdoor lives.