SPSS paper 代写:信息和通信技术

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SPSS paper代写:信息和通信技术

The definition of Information and Communication Technology is the technology through which we can participate in a rapidly changing world. ICTs tools can be used to find, explore, analyze, exchange and present information responsibly and without discrimination. Whole world is influenced by ICTs for example Economy of the world is increased by the adding of technology (i.e. peoples are communicating with each other through computers, mobiles, radio broadcasting, etc). ICTs is used by every sector of the business or society like in hospitals, institutions, hospitality, airlines, banks, businesses, etc. This technology is also known as E-Business.

Tourism industry is very much depending on this sector or e-business. In tourism industry the role of ICTs is very important and performs activities like Tour operator, Tourists related activities, Aviation sector. The major ICTs applications are Destination Management System, Computer Reservation System, Global Distribution System, Tourist Relationship Management, etc which are growing very well and efficiently in the sector of travel and tourism and the are many websites which cover the information regarding this sector. With the adding of ICTs, analysis of existing and emerging electronic distribution channels is doing easier.

ICTs is the backbone of airline industry. Hundreds of activities are performed on daily bases, like solutions to improve the passenger's journey, streamline and integrate airline and airport operations, track baggage and cargo, and ensure that the highest levels of maintenance and aircraft safety and security are effectively communicated, which is only possible by ICT. The IT makes the work so easy and with lesser time. And in today's world, time means money. ICT makes good and effective communication in all the way of air transportation. It is just like a great blessing to the world to grow with. It's also referred as Travel technology or e-travel.