Strategic Analysis 代写:战略分析

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战略分析是非常重要的任何公司,无论操作小型或大型规模。如果一个组织有一个愿景长期存在就必须遵循的基本规则。来自业务字典,战略发展是一个持续的计划完成任务的控制环境获取的知识是现有的和将完全专注于研究和开发过程,还包括组织本身顺序形成的策略。(BNET业务目录中提到唐尼,j . 2007)另一个视图上的战略分析是worral莱斯教授,他指出,该组织必须有理论的理解环境的工作以及它是如何与环境交互顺序获得提高组织的有效性和效率的资源可以敏锐地使用和重用的福祉。(l .引用在唐尼worral j . 2007)有一个更多关于战略规划的角度来看,这是通过Marhides和威廉姆森,他们强调该公司已经成功在长期时间内那些构建他们的战略资产和较低的成本比竞争对手更快。(Marhides林祖嘉和威廉姆森,P.J.汤普森指出,和斯特里克兰,A.J. 2003)

Strategic Analysis 代写:战略分析

Strategic analysis is very important for any company, whether operating on small or large scale. If an organization has a vision for long term existence then it has to follow the ground rules.As taken from Business Dictionary, strategic development is an ongoing scheme of things done to have the grip on the environment by obtaining the knowledge in which it is existing and to put full focus on research and development process that also includes the organization itself in-order to form a strategy. (BNET Business Directory as cited in Downey, J. 2007)Another view on strategic analysis is of Professor Les Worrall, he states that the organization must have the theoretical understanding of the environment in which it is working and also how it is interacting with the environment in-order to gain improved organizational effectiveness and efficiency so the resources can be astutely used and reused for the well being of the company. (Worrall, L. as cited in Downey, J. 2007)There is one more point of view about strategic planning which is by Marhides and Williamson, They put emphasis on the fact that the firm have succeeded over a long term period of time are those who are into building their strategic assets faster and at low cost than their competitors. (Marhides, C.C. and Williamson, P.J. as cited in Thompson, A.A. and Strickland, A.J. 2003)