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外文论文 宠溺孩子的危害 the dangers of spoil the child

Nowadays, it is not rare to see that theparents spoil the child, they love the kid by the way they think it’s best forthem. When it comes to spoil the child, different people have differentopinions, some people think that it is fine to spoil the child, parents shouldtreat them as best as they could; while the rest held that parents should teachthe child rationally. In my point of view, I agree with the later one.


 Inthe first place, parents are the children’s first teacher, they will believeeverything from their parents’ education and they are a good copycat, they willsimulate the action form their parents. For instance, when a child fight inschool, some parents will not analysis why the fight begins, they will blamethe child who fight with their kid no matter it is their kin’s fault or not.This is absolutely make the child believe that he is right about everything, whichwill make them hard to tell what is wrong or right.


Inthe second place, since now lots parents buy a whole bunch expensive stuff fortheir child, it might easily cause the problem of wasting or comparing withothers. Children who are proud of their favorable living conditions are moretend to look down to the one are poor. Besides, once they are living in thelower live level than they are expected, they might feel maladjustment or evenabandon themselves.


Tosum up, parents should love their children rationally, but not love themblindly.