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渥太华essay代写 英语的重要性 the importance of english

Nowadays,with the prevalence of learning English, more and more peoplerealize the importance of Engilsh. English is not our mother language, but it’svery important for us to learn it. The reasons are as follow.


First of all, English is the onlyinternational standard language. China has developed rapidly in recent years. Nowhe is towards to the global level. Being the unique communication way, Englishis of great concern. Or we can say that English is essential to strengthen ourcountry. Secondly, due to the development of our society, there are more andmore foreigners in China. Especially in some big cities,there are so many foreignpeople around us. They may be our workmates, classmates, neighbors, friends oreven soul mates and so on. Therefore, it is so necessary for our ordinarypeople to understand English. Otherwise, how can we get along well with them. Howcan we make our life much more colorful.


The above is just the tip of the icebergfor the importance of English. There are so many that I  can’t list all here. In a word, English isvery important.



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