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悉尼assignment代写 抵制黄色网站 boycott the pornography websites

As the development of the Internet, people have access to all kinds of message, on the one hand, people make use of the message to help their work, on the other hand, as there are much message showing up in the Internet, the negative message hampers the civilized social network. The pornography websites are everywhere, we should boycott them.

The pornography websites are full of violence and sexy context. If people click in the website, what they can see is always the naked girls and boys with violent sexy, it is not healthy, people will get perverted if they are addicted to watching it. The violence will implant in people’s mind, distorting their moral behaviors.  

The direct negative effect of pornography website is that your computer will get attacked. As is known to all, pornography websites are coming with all kinds of virus, the computer will get infected, and the system will work slowly, what’s more, the information will be leaked out. What a disaster, people’s secret information is being stolen.


Pornography websites are illegal, we should stay away from them, never be curious about them, or your computer and your mind will get infected.