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Sainsbury’s pride itself as the UK’s surviving food chain, having commenced its operation way back in 1869. It has over the years built their brand heritage on the provision of fresh, healthy tasty food and thousands of non food products at quality choices and great prices all in a one stop shop. So much emphasis is been placed on their brand heritage which they continuously innovate to suit customers changing needs and demands. Their one stop shop stocks over 30,000 products which they offer to over 19 million customers every week. They account for 16% of the retail sector’s market share.

According to Sir, Stuart Rose, Chief Executive of Marks & Spencer, he stated in their 2007 Company report, ” Everything we do has one key goal: building a sustainable business for the long-term, generating shareholders value through consistent, profitable growth while making sure that our customers can always trust us to do the right thing. We will do this by continuing to focus on products, services and the environment: offering great products, in great looking stores with great customer service”.

Sainsbury’s Mission goals and objectives is to ensure that quality food at great prices is at the heart of what they do. To offer good, better and best products to ensure there is always something for everyone.