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“Marketing is a performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from produces to consumer or user.”(AMA 1960) In a modern world definition like Marketing is one of the most important terms in Business environment. Especially well structured Marketing is aim which all over the world strongest companies demanding to get. Only successful Marketing can identify most important fragments which company require for good recoupment of the capital investments. All the businesses have their own business plans and strategies as the rule of that Marketing has its own strategy which usually well structured and its organization and structure created on a basis of particular commerce. Creating such a strategy has to be made step by step. Analysis of marketing environment and definitions like PEST and SWOT and their role in collecting data for developing marketing plan is crucial important. External and internal factors, which can relate with specified area and can effect on sales of company is very significant. And collected data can be basic of strategy and it can be support for further research. Significance of collecting primary and secondary data is one of the delicate factors on the way to superior Marketing strategy it has be accurate and effective for specified issue. Finding required market for concrete product by Segmentation (demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioural) lies in the fundamentals of creating Marketing Company. From all the types of segmentation has to be selected the correct individual for using in actual Marketing Strategy. All of this process of identifying market is the approach of environmental investigation and is the element of data collection. Extremely important to analyse ground rules like auditing, and capability of the company, productivity and ratio analysis, market and environmental analysis, customer and competitor analyses. Also in a creating Marketing strategy communication linking market and company one of the unavoidable factors. And to opt the right method for each communication circumstances is important for successful and comprehensible transferring data. Well organization and accuracy one of the core rules of business and any planning. Well planned and construct marketing plan can predict sale`s, find public of store and its place of further demand. Achievement of success in Marketing deepens on collecting secondary data, created primary and using all of those in acceptable way.

Our company is a large mobile phone producer has decided to develop a new range of hi-tech mobile devices for young professional market. In order to promote this new range, we must understand the current `prevailing climate` in the external environment. I will develop a report for the company advising what is happening in the world that impact on its industry.