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从19世纪80年代主要进行推销商品的消费者,为他们提供他们需要的产品早期广告。随着新的运输方式在这段时间内发展,在全国各地运送实物和想法,公司发布了全国范围内的产品广播。关于更重要的和更高质量的产品、报纸、广告牌等标志用于商业化这些因为他们是最佳的广告在全国各地的百货商店。当时,这些广告特别侧重于只购买必需品的消费者。因此,提升其产品的品质超过竞争对手。Â模型K汽车广告强调其一流的机械以其大胆的标题,“全成品车”,提倡在竞争产品的高质量Â[ 3 ]。然而,这样的广告随着,“将你的车吗?”不能有效地支持他们的产品,由于大量的信息,对竞争对手[ 4 ]关注。这两个广告都是文本依赖的,除了一个单一的形象,并限制他们的市场,因为他们的广告的描述只提供有关产品的特定力学的信息,因此,未能提供消费者的参与或创意。这种广告在当时是很普遍的,因为市场上的消费者完全是需要的。虽然这种形式的广告是低的吸引力,这证明了有效的有限的市场为消费者所需要的,是可持续的,因为所需要实现的信息提供必要的优先于合法的汽车。


Advertisements from 1880s to the early 1900s primarily performed to promote goods for consumers and provide them with a need for their product. As new modes of transportation were developed during this time period to deliver physical items and ideas across the country, companies issued nationwide broadcasting for their products. Regarding more important and higher quality company products, newspapers, billboards and other signs were utilized for commercializing these since they would be optimally advertised in general stores throughout the nation. At the time, these ads in particular focused on consumers limited to purchasing solely necessities. Therefore, promoting its product’s qualities over competitors’.  The Model K vehicle advertisement stresses its first-class mechanics with its bold title, “The Fully-Finished Car” which advocates for higher quality over competing products[3].  However, such ads along with, “Will your car do this?” fail to effectively endorse their products due to extensive information that disregards concern for competitors[4]. Both advertisements are text-reliant, with the exception of a single image, and limit their market due to their advertisement’s description only providing information about the product’ particular mechanics; therefore, failing to provide consumers with engagement or originality. Such advertisements were common during the time period due to the market consisting of consumers who were exclusively of need. Although this form of an ad is of low appeal, it proved effective for its limited market as the consumers needed cars that would be sustainable and required fulfilling information since providing a necessity took priority over desirables.


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