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如你所知,我们的商店是一个部门的商店(辛格部门商店)和零售格式的一个类别。所以很明显,这是一个零售行业。零售行业正在蓬勃发展的行业现在和它的重要性在很短的时间。这是排名第五大产业的经济。它是世界上增长最快的一个行业有组织的和无组织的部门。它开始作为一个无组织的行业但现在搬到组织由于客户的口味和喜好的变化。零售业每年25 – 30%的速度增长,由于市场需求的增加。这个行业是一个投资前景的行业之一。它占近10%的GDP和8%的就业机会。


As you know that our store is a departmental store (SINGH DEPARTMENTAL STORES) and it is one of the categories of retail format. So it is clear that it is a retail industry. Retail industry is the booming industry nowadays and it gained importance in a very short span of time. It is ranked as the fifth largest industry in an economy. It is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with organized and unorganized sectors. It was started as an unorganized industry but it is now moving to organized due to the changes in the tastes and preferences of the customers. The retail industry grows at the rate of 25-30% annually due to the increase in the market demand. This industry is a one of the promising industries for investment. It accounts for nearly 10% of GDP and 8% of employment opportunities.


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