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英国毕业论文 表现差者不能通过考试 badly performed students should fail the exam

According to the authoritativereport, the number of college student is growth, while the quality is not asgood as before. In the meantime, whether students perform badly should fail thecourse have spoken much debate? Some assert that school should not be sodesperate, just turning a blind eye to their behavior, while others convincesthat student should take their responsibility for their performance. Personally, I’min favor of second one.


Convince arguments can be madethat if school let all students pass the course, it will increase theirlaziness. To start with, students will not worry about being registered bydisciplinary inspector when they get up late. Therefore some of them will playcomputer games very late until midnight. Some students even don’t attend theclass and finish assignments. They hold a view on mind: even they get a lowscore on final exam, they still can pass it. Besides, some students do somepart-time jobs or join in student union but they can’t be the excuses forescaping learning.  Finally, if teachersget all students through the exam, it must be unfair to struggling students anddamage school’s reputation.


In summary, I would concede thatstudents who perform badly should be fail, as it makes students more lazy,damage school’s reputation and unfair to the diligent students.



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