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奥斯曼帝国在其统治下(1512年至1520年)统治下征服并扩张。但他的儿子苏丹苏莱曼(Sultan Suleyman)为了征服大部分领土,征服了奥斯曼帝国,苏利曼征服了伟大的城市,并带来了军事机器,这是伟大的奥斯曼帝国的持久文化。这个帝国的大部分历史都是围绕着这位有着崇高思想和尊严和自豪的统治者所取得的成就。苏莱曼现在被称为“伟大的”,因为他取得了无数的成就,他还被命名为“法律给予者”,因为他在征服了许多城市之后建立了法律。苏利曼根据奥斯曼帝国的政治理论,以自我尊重和公正为原则。在奥斯曼帝国,大部分权力都与君主在一起。国王的主要想法是建立公正,这意味着保护穷人和无助的官员和不公平的税收。苏丹有一个中央官僚机构,由大大臣领导,能够管理帝国。如果他认为判决是不公正的,他也有权对法院的判决进行裁决。这并没有把苏丹凌驾于法律之上,相反,他被选为合法政府和公正政府的守护者。苏丹被授予“哈里发”的称号,这意味着伊斯兰最高领袖。当苏利曼年迈时,他的两个儿子密谋要把他从权力中移走,并获得王位。帝国的皇冠并没有从父亲传给儿子,也没有传给下一个大哥,但它被赐予了最有价值的继承人。正因为如此,王位的争夺总是在进行。一旦继任者被加冕,其他竞争者被杀死以消除未来的竞争以及拥有完全的控制和恢复秩序。这种邪恶的做法后来被删除,取而代之的是让长子成为继承人,他应该被隔离在一个豪华的监狱里。


The Ottoman Empire conquered and expanded under its Sultan Selim I, who ruled from (1512 to1520). But his son Sultan Suleyman, he strove the Ottoman Empire to conquering many and most of its lands, Sultan Suleyman conquered great cities, and brought military machines, a lasting culture to the great Ottoman Empire. Most of the history of this empire lies on the achievements around this one ruler who was high minded and had lots of dignity and pride. Suleyman called was now called “The Magnificent” for his numerous achievements and was also named the “Law-Giver” for the laws he established as he conquered many cities. Suleyman ruled with self-respect and fairness according to the Ottoman political theory. In the Ottoman state, most of the power rested with the monarch. The Monarch’s main idea was to establish justice, it meant shielding the poor and the helpless from shady officials and unfair taxation.The Sultan had a central bureaucracy, which was led by the Grand Vizier, to be able to govern the Empire. He also had the authority to capsize the verdicts of the courts if he thought that the decisions were unjust. This did not put the Sultan above law instead he was chosen as the keeper of a lawful government and fair government.The Sultan was given the title of “Caliph” as well, meaning the supreme leader of Islam. When Suleyman became grew of old age, his two sons plotted to remove him from power and achieve access to the crown. The crown in the empire did not pass from father to son or to the next oldest brother but, it was given to the most worthy successor. Because of this, there was always a struggle for the crown. Once a successor was crowned, the other contenders were killed to eliminate any future competition as well as to have full control and restore order. This devilish practice was later removed and replaced by making the eldest son the heir and he should be kept insulated in a lavish imprisonment.


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