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他的文学作品帮助灌输了一种对女巫的刻板印象,即女人的刻板印象。女人的定义,与黄色的定义一样,是她的淫荡;她性格的本质,与童话般的定义一样,是她的恶毒和贪婪。[11]事实上,在基督教欧洲,女巫的形象一直都是女人的原型。例如,在12世纪的俄罗斯,一个地区的当局对巫术的盛行非常焦虑,以至于他们开始把整个女性人口聚集起来。[12]根据Malleus Maleficarum的标题所建议的女性罪犯的思想,又回到了宗教创造的世界。女人被认为比男人更肉欲,这种肉欲源于夏娃自己的创造,她是由一根弯曲的肋骨形成的,也引起了伊甸园的堕落。[13]结果,妇女遭受了苦难,永远被描绘成邪恶和肉欲的根源。一个女巫被视为一个独立的成年女性,不符合男性正确的行为。[14]然而,不仅仅是女性的性行为使她们成为邪恶的,而且女性的知识,许多女权主义者声称,任何使女人变得无助的东西,都被认为是威胁和被贴上了邪恶的标签。


his literary work helped to instil a stereotype of the witch, the stereotype being woman. The definition of woman, in common with the pornographic definition, is her carnality; the essence of her character, in common with the fairy-tale definition, is her malice and avarice.[11]In fact the stereotype of a witch in Christian Europe has always been that of a woman. For example, in twelfth-century Russia the authorities in one district became so anxious about the prevalence of witchcraft that they began to round up the entire female population.[12] Ideas of female evil-doers as suggested in the title of the Malleus Maleficarum stemmed back to the religious creation of the world. A women was believed to be more carnal than a man, this carnality originated from eve’s very own creation, she was formed from a bent rib, and also caused the fall of Eden.[13] As a result, women have suffered, forever being painted with the same religious brush of being a source of evil and carnality. A witch was seen as an independent adult women who does not conform to the male idea of proper female behaviour.[14] However, it was not just female sexuality that made them evil, but also female knowledge, many feminists claim that anything that made a women something other than helpless was perceived as threatening and labelled evil.


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