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Each individual thinks, acts, feels, and behaves in their own unique way. Strengths Quest gives students a chance to become aware of their strengths and talents. “Strengths Quest has helped more than 500,000 people at 600 schools and universities achieve academic, career, and personal success” (“Strengths Quest,” 2007). In Jacob Arndt’s Communication 113 class, each student was given an access code to complete the Strengths Quest test. Each student was to answer many questions that consisted of possible real-life situations. The student, on a scale of one to ten, would then rate which decision would best describe them. After finishing the test, the Strengths Quests would accurately calculate each of the students’ five strengths based on their answers to the questions. Arndt’s colleague lectured to the communication classes on the meaning of each of the many strengths. Each individual had their own five strengths. Some strengths overlapped with another student’s strengths, but not more than two students had the same five strengths.

After completing the Strengths Quest, I was given five signature strengths: achiever, focus, strategic, discipline, and learner. Achiever describes a person with a constant need for achievement. For me every day starts completely new. No matter how much I feel I deserve a break, if a day passes without some form of achievement, I feel that I have failed. By the end of each day, I must achieve something in order to feel good about myself. After each achievement is reached, I feel relaxed. Soon however, I force myself toward the next accomplishment. This strength brings me energy to work long hours without quitting. Achiever is the strength that keeps me going every single day (“Strengths Quest,” 2007).