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As negroes, we are taught by going to school certain things to look and read at. In art, we are told that European and Greek art are the greatest things to look at pertaining to the arts. In music, we look at classical from great white composers instead of African American ones. We would pick up literature against the African American instead of one that’s for the African American. Well I’m sad to inform you but this is true. Mr. Woodson saw this when he wrote his book and still today, it is still in effect.

We choose to stay mis-educated due to the fact that we as a people do not choose to excel in embracing our minds. At Texas Southern University, we can say that we have a class in African American studies taught by an African American who has been around, traveled, and knows what he or she has been taught through experience. How would you feel that in other universities around the country have that same course but yet taught by a different race? I am not a racist but its time for our race to be not informed but become informed of our past, present, and future.

It’s funny though. Did you know that most of our “political” day to day people we see and hear on the news are the most mis-educated people? For instance, Tyler Perry would dress as the most famous cross dressed woman everyone would know, Madea. Is it so that the fact that during the slavery times, the “Mamie”, was the symbol for keeping the family together? It does but it has a darker meaning. I just had a recent conversation with my sociology teacher but he recently told me that white men love black woman. I knew that already but some white men didn’t like the fact white men and black woman were all together. The Mamie was also formed as an unattractive black woman with a big butt and big lips that’s always loud. It’s tragic the way that other cultures view our women but this Is what is perceived. There are others that does this but this is the most commonly known person to do this but chooses to stay out the public’s eye.