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实施和实现系列新阅兵。这些文本拥抱交际的方法,并配有实质性的教师指导,磁带和其他资源,以帮助学生学习英语的互动和愉快的方式。最后,负责评估的课程部门。虽然这应该创造一个自然的协同作用,教科书(预期的课程)的变化导致教学风格的变化(实施课程)和考试(达到课程),这并不是这样的情况。考试保留了大量的重点课本记忆,因此阻碍教师拥抱新的以学生为中心的教学方法。其他影响课程发展高等教育和科学研究部通常,高等教育和科学研究部(mohesr)要在课程发展在学校层面没有作用。然而,在2007 mohesr介绍普通教育水平评估(CEPA)英语为了确定哪些学生会被要求参加预科(或两个)来加强自己的英语语言技能进入公立大学之前,所有这一切都用英语进行教学。最初的一年看到了一些问题,包括教师准备考试和考试内容和教科书内容之间的不匹配。为了解决这一困境,12年级英语课程已被修改,以更好地反映在CEPA考试所涵盖的主题。随后,CEPA也推出了数学,并在2009被引入阿拉伯语。它将继续对学生学习这些学科的12年级的一些影响,对于那些希望进入三个公立高等教育机构在UAE,它是强制性的(阿联酋大学、高等院校的技术,和扎耶德大学)通过考试。


Implemented and Attained series New Parade. These texts embrace the communicative approach and come with a substantive teacher’s guide, cassettes and other resources to help students learn English in an interactive and enjoyable way. Finally, the curriculum departments responsible for assessment. While this should create a natural synergy, whereby changes in textbooks (intended curriculum) lead to changes in teaching styles (implemented curriculum) and examinations (attained curriculum), this has not been the case. Examinations have retained a heavy focus on textbook memorization, and therefore discourage teachers from embracing new student centered approaches to teaching. Other Influences on Curriculum Development Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Typically, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) would have little to no role in curriculum development at the school level. However, in 2007 the MOHESR introduced the Common Educational Proficiency Assessment (CEPA) for English in order to determine which students would be required to take a foundation year (or two) to strengthen their English language skills before entering the public universities, all of which conduct instruction in English. The initial year saw a number of problems, including the poor preparation of teachers for the exam and a mismatch between the exam content and the content of the textbooks. In order to address this dilemma, the Grade 12 English curriculum has since been modified to better reflect the topics covered in the CEPA exam. The CEPA was subsequently also launched for Math, and in 2009 it was introduced for Arabic. It will therefore continue to have some impact on what students learn in these subjects in Grade 12, as it is compulsory for those who wish to enter one of the three public higher education institutions in the UAE (UAE University, The Higher Colleges of Technology, and Zayed University) to pass the exam.


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