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Analysis of strengths and weaknesses is very important for evaluating oneself. This analysis needs to be realistic and honest as it helps in the future. It also facilitates performance appraisals and identifies needs for improvement. The analysis of strengths and weaknesses of oneself serves to make a better person by working on eliminating the weaknesses and doubling the strengths.Performance can only be measured by taking due cognizance of one’s weaknesses and strengths. This helps in focusing on minimizing the harm done by the weaknesses and concentrating on the strengths. Taking weaknesses into account is more important than thinking about strengths in my opinion. I will talk about my weaknesses first. My top most weakness is I have an authoritarian and rigid attitude and it is hard for me to work under someone. I keep on giving directions to others and refuse to work with or under people who do not follow work ethics. Also, the excitement of completing some task swells my head which sometimes gives a snobbish impression of me on others. The activist in me is not afraid to accept a challenge which in some cases is strength and in some cases is a weakness.My strengths are that I have very strong oral and written communication skills. I never have any problem in making other people understand my point view or in communicating my ideas. I am good a team player. I can work towards achieving the goals in a team environment. I can manage during high pressure and stress situations. I am competitive by nature and strive in a competitive environment. I think myself to be good leader and manager but my minimal experience is a big disadvantage.I need to work on improving my strengths to attain my present goals. For this purpose I need to work on improving my management and public dealing skills. Effective listening needs to be developed to minimize my authoritarian attitude.


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