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Global warming is a recent trend that people are concerned about which describes climate change due to human activity and other factors. In physics this year I learnt that models are developed in order to help scientists predict the future climate state of our planet. These are, but are not limited to, changes in the component of green house gases, volcanic activity and cyclical changes in the Earth’s orbit. Though the warming of the Earth is caused by certain natural forces, scientists believe that humans have been enhancing these effects by contributing to the greenhouse gases since industrialization began. Such models help us know about the current climate state of the Earth and the models might be accurate for a short period of time. There are knowledge issues that are brought up in the case of models and reliability and accuracy are the most important of these in my opinion. Some experts claim that the Earth might end up in a cooling phase instead of getting warmer. However, because there is comparatively more evidence to support the warming of the Earth, these claims are easily countered. But what if the global climate change has nothing to do with humans, and it is an unavoidable natural cycle? There are some contributing factors like increased solar flare activity and volcanic activity which are inevitable. Nonetheless, these models suggest that humans have enhanced this rate by contributing to the overall warming and show rapidity of this effect.


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