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But what will I do? Where will I start? What do I really want? Those were some questions that arise when I thought of taking responsibility for the success of my own career.I thought of starting it by analyzing if am happy and satisfied with my job, sort of self analysis on different aspects of my work. I know that lateral moves or rotational assignments can also help broaden my experience. I can attend seminars and be promoted to a higher level, but is that enough? I think I need to do something more. Something better than what I am doing that time and something maybe I have never done before. In order to sort things out, I need to analyze what are my career issues and what will I do to deal with it. Do I need to continue my job and just learn new strategies on how to be more effective? or do I need to make a major career field change and shift to a new job and choose what I really want? I want to learn how to run a business and eventually have my own business in the near future. But the problem is the skills and knowledge I have which is different from what I will be needing if I will pursue my dream of putting my own business someday.

在英国的学习总是枯燥无味的,压力,看着别人旅游,打工!想着自己的作业还没完成!?赶紧找ENLUNWEN 英国论文代写 帮忙吧!助你留学更从容


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