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A strong example of these aspects of learning being addressed in schools is the current provision for subjects such as PSHE and citizenship which encompass aspects of cultural education, alongside more traditional subjects in this area such as history and religious education. While it may be suggested that some subjects are more concerned with the personal aspects of learning (in particular cognitive development.), it can also be argued that even the development of these areas takes place within the community of the primary school. Indeed, it can be argued that the primary school is a fundamental influence in children’s social development, which models how children are to become members of a democratic society, This has been well represented in my base school and in other primary schools which I have visited recently, where children are encouraged to become active and caring participants in their community. I have seen this implemented through the use of a school council, buddying schemes, and target and merit assemblies.Given the importance of these many aspects of learning, educational theorists have formulated a number of approaches to facilitate them. It is therefore unsurprising that the approaches have differed in terms of their focus and their recommendations as to how to enable learning to take place. Three of the most renowned approaches are behaviourist, constructivist and social constructivist models.


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