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Brende, in his essay, discusses a different, yet similar case of how technology is not a necessity and can lead to negative outcomes. After receiving his graduate degree in political science from MIT in 1992, he and his wife moved to an Amish-type community where they spent 18 months living without technological advances. “As MIT graduates go, I realize how unusual I am. I run a rickshaw service in downtown St. Louis, where I live. I make soap at home, and my wife sells it at the local farmer’s market on Saturday’s” (Brende, 619). After returning home he goes on to say that these habits stick with him and him and his family don’t really feel a need for such advances. He also states that technology deprives an individual of needed physical activity and can lead to future issues. In the past individuals would jog, drive to the gym, or maybe even play sports in order to get in some exercise and stay healthy. Brende stresses that it has gotten to the point where some people perform hand-squeezing routines since computer keyboards do not offer the physical resistance they need and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome (Brende, 621). In addition, he explains how technology is taking away quality time from families as well as affecting the human mental powers limiting the use of multiple capabilities. These are only a few of many factors that can lead to a downfall due to the abuse of technology.


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