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表明高阶需求的增长代表着最后一点的人一个心理成熟的过程。然而,只有少数人能达到这个水平。因此,马斯洛的需求层次理论不应被视为如果一旦满足一类你走到下一个,因为他们并不互相排斥。随着我们的发展需要不同的方式决定了我们的行为。此外,人们可能满足约85%的生理和安全需求,也许70%啊,他们的社会,也许只有40%的他们的自尊,可能只有10%的自我霸权主义个性来。因此自我霸权主义个性来对于大多数个人激励我们的行为(Fincham &罗德,2005)。下一个理论要研究的动机是赫兹伯格的双因素理论赫兹伯格(1959年Fincham引用&罗德,1959,p.199)起源于来源满意和不满的来源。赫兹伯格采访了二百名工程师和会计师和他要求参与者提到场合当他们感到特别满意或非常不满意他们的工作。根据Fincham &罗德,2005),满意度的来源被称为激励因素涉及这些成就,识别、发展等方面的工作。另一方面,事件的相关工作条件例如,报酬(工资水平),公司政策和同事们之间的关系称为保健因素。这些都是描述为不满的来源。因此赫兹伯格认为工作满意和不满是由不同的因素造成的。Fincham和罗兹.


suggest that the growth of higher order needs in people represent the final point of a process of psychological maturation. However, only a small number of us manage to achieve this level. Therefore ,Maslow’s hierarchy of needs should not be treated as if once you satisfy one category you go on to the next because they are not exclusive to one another. As we develop needs differ in the way which they determine our behaviour. Furthermore, people might satisfy about 85% of their physiological and safety needs, perhaps 70% o their social and maybe just 40% of their self esteem and possibly only 10% of their self actualisation. Hence self actualisation for the majority of individuals motivates our behaviour (Fincham & Rhodes, 2005).The next theory of motivation to be examined is Herzberg’s Two-factor theory Herzberg (1959 cited in Fincham & Rhodes, 2005, p.199) arises from sources of satisfaction and sources of dissatisfaction. Herzberg interviewed two hundred engineers and accountants and he asked the participant to mention occasions when they felt exceptionally satisfied or exceptionally dissatisfied with their jobs. According to Fincham & Rhodes, 2005), sources of satisfaction were called motivators these involved achievement, recognition, advancement and other aspects of work. On the other hand, incidents which related to working conditions for example, remuneration (level of pay), company policy and relations amongst colleagues were termed hygiene factors. These were described as sources of dissatisfaction. Therefore Herzberg concluded that job satisfaction and dissatisfaction were caused by different factors. Fincham and Rhodes


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