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Considering this approach, development can be sought by the child and nurtured by guidance from adults including teachers. This process is enhanced by the provision of the appropriate materials and learning environments as shaped by the teacher.It is essential for all learning that language, both spoken and observed (body) are used appropriately to facilitate learning – without language we cannot pass on the knowledge and experience required for growth through guidance. Conversely it is clear that language is not necessary for self-experimentation, although it would help the learner to discuss their observations following the experimentation. With this in mind, it is necessary for children to be exposed to many styles and levels of language ability to learn from one another, especially in finding an alternative if one party finds communication difficult. Thus the teacher should encourage communication and foster co-operation throughout learning activities. In an inclusive environment, successful employment of this technique will allow all children to maximise their potential under the guidance of a robust, flexible and rich pedagogy.

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