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与“无名”的选择,那么,这是“标记”choicesthat双语演讲中脱颖而出。则成语的Myers-Scotton(2005)认为演讲者使用一组RO particularsituation不同寻常之处在于,他们请求,或谈判,改变的互动。这种谈判方式进行isintrinsic议长的身份,或者,换句话说,它提供了一个社交线索他们试图实现什么。文章的重要性选择“标记”RO集itaffects whomthey的人与他人之间的关系是相互作用的。有两个维度,Myers-Scotton(2005)认为,这些变化主要可以视为takingplace:权力和团结。团结是指试图allyoneself与那些来自同一社会群体最obviousexample的是家庭。而团结强调相似性,权力倾向于强调人与人之间的差异。某些socialsituations,建在他们由于各种原因,不平等inpower余额。这可能操作,例如,雇主andemployee之间,或者,更准确地说,在父亲和儿子之间的家庭。显著模型的一个基本假设是,人们makerational选择的话,他们选择的类型。﹑是,一个人重使用特定语言的优缺点,使他们的决定基于bestfor自己的目标是什么。这是一个认知计算一个personaims获得最好的最终结果为自己的目标。


In contrast to the ‘unmarked’ choices, then, it is the ‘marked’ choicesthat stand out in bilingual speech. Myers-Scotton (2005) argues thatwhen a speaker uses an RO set that is unusual in a particularsituation, they are requesting, or negotiating, a change in theinteraction. The way in which this negotiation is carried out isintrinsic to the identity of the speaker, or, in other words, itprovides a social clue about what they are trying to achieve. Inparticular, the importance of choosing a ‘marked’ RO set is that itaffects the relationships between that person and the others with whomthey are interacting. There are two dimensions on which Myers-Scotton(2005) argues that these changes can primarily be seen to be takingplace: power and solidarity. Solidarity refers to an attempt to allyoneself with those who are from the same social group, the most obviousexample being the family. While solidarity emphasises similarities,power tends to emphasise the differences between people. Certain socialsituations have, built into them for various reasons, inequalities inpower balances. This might operate, for example, between employer andemployee, or, more subtly, inside the family between father and son.A fundamental assumption of the Markedness Model is that people makerational choices about the types of words that they choose. Theassumption, then, is that a person weighs up the pros and cons of usinga particular language and makes their decision based on what is bestfor their own goals. It is a cognitive calculation in which a personaims at obtaining the best possible final result for their own aims.



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