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在解释新闻媒体如何影响性文化价值观的形成,Van Evra(1990)提出的脚本理论。他认为,由于大多数人对生活的经验很少,所以媒体经常把这些问题带到人们的观点。例如,如果一个人从未经历过生活中的暴力,那么当人们接触到媒体中的暴力时,就会感到这种体验是虚拟的。这种模式只被媒体视为对观看者暴力的主要来源。媒体作为生活中许多问题的主要信息来源,其观点倾向于采用媒体所描绘的有关所讨论问题的文化。康斯托克和Paik(1991)试图阐明媒体如何塑造了一个文化的球迷。他们认为,在大多数情况下,媒体以独特、吸引人和不寻常的方式描述生活问题,这很可能吸引并引起球迷的注意。这使得在媒体中处理生活问题成为最有吸引力的收养方式。他们引用了社会认知理论认为模式是描述重复、冗余可能是提示球迷采取的模式不自觉的


In explaining how the media can influence the formation of normative cultural values, Van Evra (1990) proposes the script theory. He argues that since most views have little experience on life matters the media brings these matters to the views frequently. For instance if a person has never experience violence in life, the experience can be felt virtual when one is exposed to the violence in media frequently given pattern of violence is created. This pattern is dictated only by the media being the major source of knowledge of violence to the person watching. The media, being a major source of information on many issues in life, the views are inclined to adopt the culture portrayed by the media concerning the topic in question. Comstock and Paik (1991) try to shed some light on how the media can help in shaping up a culture among the fans. They argue that in most cases the media portrays life issues in unique, compelling and unusual manner which is likely to attract and arouse the attention of the fans. This makes the way life issues are handled in the media to be the most attractive way of adoption. They quote the social cognition theory which claims that patterns which are portrayed repetitively and redundantly are likely to prompt the fans to adopt the patterns unconsciously


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