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Research results also show that most of metacognitive strategies are closely related to learners’ English marks and students can benefit a lot from using of them. For instance, evaluating one’s learning strategies and deficiencies as often as possible can help them form a good habit of learning. Having a clear aim and insisting on previewing and reviewing their lessons can facilitate their learning. However, the author supposes the most important thing correlating with the learner’s learning proficiency is whether they can concentrate on the class and be more diligent in learning. High- and low-score students perform quite differently due to their use of metacognitive learning strategies. Excellent students can have a better command of all these strategies than the poor ones. They can take advantage of planning, monitoring and evaluation and know how to make a useful and flexible learning plan according to their own situation. Thus, in order to improve the low achievers’ achievements, teachers may teach them more about metacognitive strategies. Actually, it needs the teachers and the students’ integrated efforts to achieve this goal. From the aspect of the teachers, they can have a general knowledge of the students and then give them some advices in terms of their individual weak points in learning. Of course, students should try their best to cooperate with teachers. In this way, students will have a general knowledge of themselves and know how to make full use of all the strategies. Finally, they can make great progress in a short time. It can also be found that male and female students use all these strategies in the same way. There is no significant difference between learners of different gender in their using of metacognitive strategies.


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