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As the diversity of the United States school system continues to grow, the educators of today are increasingly strained to provide the best education possible for every child. Regardless of the physical assets or funding a school may have, essential resources remain: the parents of the students. But with the changing demographics of students’ families and more hectic schedules, is the room mother (or father) expectation many teachers might have realistic in today’s society?In particular areas of the country, it is more common to see stay-at-home mothers or fathers, or parents with flexible work schedules, due to greater affluence. It is typically this type of individual that we associate with room mothers (or fathers) who are helping in the classroom. While all socioeconomic groups stand to benefit from parental involvement in the schools, Lam (2002) acknowledges that parent involvement helps “provide students with the attention and resources they lack from school.” Schools with less money, then, should benefit most from the activity of parents in the classroom. When teachers in urban or rural classrooms lack books or materials, parents can come to the rescue by becoming involved at school.

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