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妇女也选择之前玩角色扮演和适合所有人。虽然劳拉和杀死比尔道具,威廉·莎士比亚的哈姆雷特是另一个例子。尽管哈姆雷特是一个男性角色,女性一直在展现他们的兴趣玩女性角色和一直存在一个增加的趋势得到选择代表哈姆雷特(霍华德,2007)。此外,哈姆雷特是参与暴力所描绘的人物亚历山德拉Tranda,哈姆雷特的相似事件的事件发生在她的生活,最终杀死了她的父亲(霍华德,2007)。暴力定义为“任何故意的身体疼痛或伤害”(Eschholz Bufkin,2001)和有正相关的男子气概(Eschholz Bufkin,2001;Neuendorf等人。,2010;Gilpatric,2010)从而证明暴力相当于增加增加的男子气概。男人觉得女人的想法哈姆雷特作为一个女人的不健康而觉得羞耻的哈姆雷特的角色(霍华德,2007)。这是一个迹象表明男性,女性在挑战他们的男子气概和在电影行业的统治地位尤其是男性角色制作的。


Male characters in films are moving away from having masculine traits due to the rise of female prominence and dominance in the roles they play by adopting those masculine traits. Female characters like Lara Croft and Kill Bill highlights the point that traits like submissive and subservient are no longer being associated with female character. The casting of the Bond girl character is as equally important, receiving just as much attention as the casting of James Bond himself, and though a Bond film may lack the innovative gadget, never has there been a Bond film without a Bond girl (Neuendorf et. al., 2010). This accentuates that the women’s roles are equally important to the Bond character. Men, who relate closely to Bond who usually portray masculine traits, view this as a challenge to their masculinity as the Bond character is dependent on the female character. The lack of innovative gadgets also portrays a crisis in masculinity since men regard these technologies as ‘macho’ (Neuendorf et. al., 2010). This is further amplified with female characters playing main characters in films being created with complex and enthralling personalities relative to male characters who are rather one-dimensional and are of minor interest (Russell-Watts, 2010).

Women are also selected to play roles previously played and deemed suitable for men. Though Lara Croft and Kill Bill props to mind, the Hamlet by William Shakespeare is another example. Despite Hamlet being a male character, women have been manifesting their interest to play the role and there has been an increasing trend of women getting selected to personify Hamlet (Howard, 2007). Moreover, the Hamlet is known to be involved in violence as portrayed by the character Alexandra Tranda, who parallels the happenings of Hamlet to the events occuring in her life and ends up killing her father (Howard, 2007). Violence is defined as “any intentional infliction of physical pain or harm” (Eschholz and Bufkin, 2001) and has a positive correlation to masculinity (Eschholz and Bufkin, 2001; Neuendorf et. al., 2010; Gilpatric, 2010) thus proving an increase in violence equates to in an increase in masculinity. Men feel the idea of a women hamlet as unhealthy and feel ashamed for a woman to take the Hamlet role (Howard, 2007). This is an indication to men that women are challenging their masculinity and dominance in the film industry especially in roles crafted for men.