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A strategy inventory for language learning is formalized tool that answers the question of what method is best for one particular learner, or group of learners, to learn a foreign language. According to the author Strategic Inventory Learning Language is grouped into five strategies which are memory strategy, cognitive strategy, compensation strategy, meta-cognitive strategy, affective strategy and social strategy (Griffiths and Parr, 251). Usually we follow one or two of the strategies sub-consciously. To realize our strategy we can observe our learning and studying habits or simply fill the SILL questioner. I found out that my sub-conscious SILL is Cognitive Strategies; which is that I read for pleasure in English to increase my vocabulary and to ensure quick and right sentence formation, also I try to find patterns in English which enables me to easily converse in the language. As from my learning style I found that I am a visual learner and so this explains my cognitive strategy that I prefer reading over listening to improve my learning abilities, since reading helps me to make images of the words in my mind moreover, by making patterns I easily remember what I have learned. I also realized that if I have to learn something I do not recite it several times it instead I prefer writing it few times as it helps me to remember better as I quickly absorb the images of the words formed when I had written it down. After all the research about my own learning style and the strategies I have been following I feel that now I can efficiently work upon speeding up my language learning process and become an independent learner. Another strategy which I feel I somewhat follow is the Social Strategy that is I try to learn by interacting with people who I know have command in English, I also try to converse in English and use vocabulary in my conversation this is a practical approach towards learning and hence builds up the confidence which is an important factor.


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