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Alongside the multitude of theories of learning is the concept of learning style. It is now widely recognised that the way in which individuals are inclined to approach learning has an influence on their performance and achievement. Suggesting that “reason, intelligence, logic, knowledge are not synonymous…” Gardner (1983) suggested a new analysis of intelligence. In his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Gardner extended the theory of intelligence to also include areas not previously considered. Defining intelligence as “the capacity to solve problems or to fashion products that are valued in one or more cultural setting” (Gardner and Hatch 1989), Gardener formulated a list of seven intelligences. These are defined as; logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, musical, bodily kinaesthetic, and the personal intelligences – interpersonal and intrapersonal. Whilst the intelligences are in essence separate from each other, Gardner suggested that they rarely work independently and are instead used simultaneously, complementing each other as individuals and their skillet develop. In keeping with the process of enculturation, he also recognised that culture plays a crucial part in the growth of the intelligences. All societies place significance on different types of intelligence, hence while particular intelligences may be extremely developed in many people of one culture, those same intelligences might not be as evolved in the individuals of another. As the theory states that all seven intelligences are required to productively function in society, the acceptance of this approach has several implications for the classroom. It is necessary for educators to think of different types id intelligence as equally important, which contrasts hugely with the traditionally emphasised mathematical and verbal intelligence. Alongside this is the implication that teachers should present information in a style which engages all pupils whenever possible. For instance whilst I agree that the introduction of interactive whiteboards to the classroom offers support for some learners, I feel it is vital to ensure that as I progress in my own practice I find ways to engage all of the learners in my class as often as possible. Only by directing my own practice in this manner can I ensure a deeper understanding and bringing about of learning for those in my care.


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