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教师要向学生发出指令的语言理解,考虑学生的各种需求。指令必须在一个序列和伴随着正确的材料和资源(Ediger 2003)。第一阶段问题的指令必须由使用的物理对象的想法介绍给学生。例如,学生们可能会被要求把橙子从给定的一篮子的橙子,说十,问有多少剩余。也可以要求计算红球的数量和白色球和表达它们的数量与球的总数。在这个阶段,老师必须确保所有的学生充分参与,不够细心。教师必须尽可能让这个有趣的嘲笑和学生参与体育活动。其他阶段必须通过使用照片或其他标志性的电影短片和插图等材料。老师也应该让学生全部通过问他们问题并要求他们回答。例如,老师可能会举行一个卡有三盒,两个红色阴影。老师可能会问学生数的总数盒子和箱子的数量红色阴影。他们应该帮助表达红框的数量总数。其他标志性的材料应采用同样的方式,以一种有趣的方式。使用后的标志性材料老师必须使用象征性的材料是应用什么学生都学会了什么是写在教科书。老师应该引导学生在阅读文本,相关内容,他们在前面的步骤,然后理解概念。在所有的步骤,教师要帮助学生将所学与现实生活情境,甚至要求学生拿出更多的例子。


The teacher must issue instructions to students in a language understandable to them and putting into consideration the diverse needs of the students. The instructions must be issued in a sequence and accompanied by the right materials and resources (Ediger 2003). The first stage in issue of the instructions must be by use of the physical objects to introduce the idea to the students. For example, the students might be asked to take oranges from a given number of oranges in a basket, say ten, and asked how many are remaining. They can also be asked to count the number of red balls and the number of white balls and express them in relation to the total number of balls present. At this stage, the teacher must ensure that all the students participate fully and are attentive enough. The teacher must make this as interesting as possible by making fun and involving the students in physical engagements.The other stage must be through the use of pictures or other iconic materials like short films and illustrations. The teacher should also engage the students full by asking them questions and requiring them to answer. For example, the teacher might hold a card with three boxes in it, two of which are shaded red. The teacher might then ask the students to count the total number of boxes and the number of boxes shaded red. They should then be helped to express the number of red boxes in relation to the total number. Other iconic materials should be used the same way and in an interesting manner. After use of the iconic materials the teacher must then use the symbolic materials which is application of what the students have learnt to the what is written in text books. The teacher should guide the students in reading the texts, relating the content to what they have done in the previous steps and then understanding the concepts. In all the steps, the teacher must aid the students to relate what they have learnt to real life situations and even require students to come up with more examples.


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