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Markus and Robey’s theory declared for intercommunication in an organisation. Taking this thematic approach on wider perspective, Taggart and Robey analysed the perspective of human and computer interactions. Their research was to develop effective IS in an organisational structure and to achieve it they discovered the interaction levels and formats between human and computers. Their approaches were much developed and the functionalities of upgrade applications were made integral part of this communicative and motivational structure. These authors initiated the process of human computer interactions in terms of idealising modern organisational hierarchy. Under their supervision IS can well deal with the dispersion of all the information via the resource of network. The mode of communication and utilisation of groupware were some of the basics of modern organisational hierarchy. To bring in a convenient and transparent relation between the authority and professional work of managers, Taggart and Robey, suggested for alternate modes. The provisions for promoting the database for sharing of information is one of the features encouraged these authors to meet the communicative levels in organisations.


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