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In line with this, some of the major participants who participated in this war are the United States of America and Japan. Notably, the United States was more had taken a passive approach to this war until when it was, in a surprise attached, bombed by Japan, destroying much of its military unit in Pearl Harbor. This move by Japan awoke a sleeping giant, who for the first time since the beginning of this war saw the need to take an active role in forming alliance and joining the war front. The awakening of the United States resulted in a more confrontation approach to the World War II, with a focus on retaliating against Japan, which according to the United States had used double in attacking the United States. In line with this, the United States utilized key geographical regions in Asia to take revenge against Japan. One of these regions was the Island of Okinawa which hosted one of the fiercest battles in the Pacific campaigns. To begin with, ‘Okinawa was the largest amphibious offensive of the Pacific campaign and the last major campaign of the Pacific War. As a result of this, more troops put ashore, more ships were used, more supplies transported, more bombs dropped, more naval guns fired against shore targets than any other operation in the Pacific. More people died during the Battle of Okinawa than all those killed during the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The casualties totaled more than 38,000 Americans wounded and 12,000 killed or missing, more than 107,000 Japanese and Okinawan were conscripts killed and perhaps 100,000 Okinawan civilians perished in the battle’ (Global Security 2010). These and many other cases of casualties have been reported in the course of analyzing the Okinawa battle. Following this point, it is now important to delve deeper into the attacks of Kamikaze and mass suicide of the Japanese civilians; the investigation of the invasion by the United States Congress as result of the sustained casualties; the strategies which were used by both side, namely the United States and Japan, and the role of Okinawa in capturing of Tokyo.


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