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Many people call Native Americans Red Skins, which is suppose to be an insulting name toward their culture. Ray believes that Its just “some non-natives pushing the name change because they think it offends us, but it really doesn’t offend us which is the funny part”. I do believe that people constantly try and punish Native Americans due to the overzealous campaign that try to punish all Indians for the alleged offense of a few tribes. He informed me what offends natives is people who feel sorry for us; natives are strong prideful and patriotic people. More American Indian men have volunteered to fight in World War One, World War Two, and the Korean war than all other races combined. They are very prideful people who strive to come together to create a better union. In the minds of Native Americans they think that if ethnic people are claiming racism makes them unemployed or a criminal, its just an excuse to not work hard and they are weak minded people, no matter the race. They work hard and don’t want ones pity. They work for what they got and they truly believe that what they have is what they have worked hard for. Throughout this paper I realized that racism is still a big part of our culture today, and I truly believe that it’s always going to be a problem. As awful as that sounds, we can’t accept the fact that there are other types of hair color, skin color and beliefs. We will never all be the same, but we need to accept that and stop the discrimination. I learned so much from this opportunity and am so glad that I got the chance to learn more about Ray and what is most important to him.


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