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结论可以确定,尽管模棱两可的情况下,马库斯和罗比坚信的价值理念,是“适合”,在于其作为“organisation-system交互的描述符”。适用的方法相关的交互已经通过交际和衍生品结构内的基础设施是组织。为了取得成功,马库斯和罗比推荐智能设计选择添加相同的说服通过效率管理和组织的员工。 马库斯和罗比的理论,增加了决策过程的重要性及其对组织的影响。它也提供了组织结构与整体视觉估计公司目标和长期目标。现代组织结构的转变已经通过这个特殊的理论和它的重要性的起始向员工提供平等管理和劳动关系领域。也正是这一理论专注于危机管理程序和总体组织操作的方式来控制。


The conclusion can determine that in spite of ambiguous situations, Markus and Robey strongly believed that the value of the concept, that is to ‘fit’; lies in its use as a ‘descriptor of organisation-system interaction’. The approach related to interaction has been made applicable through the communicative and derivative structure of infrastructure followed within the organisation. In order to achieve success, Markus and Robey recommends intelligent design choices added by the persuasion of the same through efficiencies among the management and the employees of the organisation.It is the Markus and Robey’s theory that added the importance of decision making process and its effect over the organisation. It also provided the IS into organisational structure with overall vision to estimate company goals and long-term objectives. The transformation of modern organizational structure has been achieved by the initiation of this particular theory and its importance of providing equality to the staff management and labour relations domains. It was this theory that also focused on crisis management proceedings and the way to control of overall organisational operations.


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