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The first issue is the supply and retention of suitably qualified mathematics teachers. It is essential that teachers are trained and developed to a level to which they suit the subject they are teaching. The second issue is the ability to give all students the opportunity to study mathematics at a level which is suitable for them. It is important that the student is allowed to participant in the subject at a level where they are capable of studying as well as allowing them some satisfaction in a subject which they have an interest.As concluded earlier in this report, there is a distinct need for the teacher to be suitably qualified and have the ability to engage the student. There is also the issue of funding for the appropriate training and development of the mathematics teacher. It may not be possible to adhere to this kind of commitment as the Department of Education has a set budget and the funding may be allocated elsewhere. It is necessary to allow the student the opportunity to enjoy the subject and to be taught the subject correctly. Historically and socially, mathematics has been an important subject. It is an essential everyday skill which should be maintained to a level where the individual citizen can function in everyday society. The education system within England should make allowances for this and attempt to develop this within the curriculum, whether it is in the form of funding or the encouragement of the subject towards the student.

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