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Certainly the lack of or inadequacy of proper care is also one of the contributing factor. The article using the account of those wives that need to bear with the aftermath of the husbands shows that they have little to no care for their mental health even when they wanted it. The refusal of the military to acknowledge the problem escalates this particular problem drastically ignoring them as another person’s problem rather than their own.

The effect of stressful experiences not only takes in toll on physical health, but it also will affect the emotional health also. One of the psychological disorders is none other than Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD is one of the many types of anxiety disorder that affects these army personnel. There are three categories of symptoms that characterize PTSD. The first set is re-experiencing of the traumatic events, such as having distressing memories and dreams of event. Second set are emotional numbing and detachment with symptoms such as losing interest in activities or feeling bleak about the future. Third set being hyper-vigilance and chronic arousal, with the most common being hypervigilance or exaggerated startle responses.

PTSD can be suffered by army personnel after their service in the force. Having to suffer with painful decisions and experiencing life and death situation can be traumatic for combatants. With the many different symptoms of PTSD it is difficult to have soldier with PTSD integrating to their normal life. As mentioned, they will have difficulty sleeping and will having difficulty socializing. These soldiers will have difficulty to even do daily tasks without the constant reminder of war, not to mention their constant blow to their mental health with the trauma that they suffer. This might make veterans having difficulty to hold a decent job and might even escalate to an extent of being unable to take care of their selves. Their irritability and hypervigilance will pose relationship problem and may cause relationship problem.