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There are a number of theories which aim to explain this process of child development, how they begin and continue to learn, and explain the reasons for developmental differences between children. These theories have over time experienced their own development with continuing research and are often influential upon what is determined as best practice for teaching to facilitate maximal child development (Q10). In other words, the ways in which children develop directly affect pedagogy of both individual teachers and the ethos adopted by the school (Q22). The competency of the teacher to deliver teaching which caters for individual developmental needs affects development through learning and subsequently may generate the need for modification of pedagogy (dependant upon the level/success of teaching). It is therefore the responsibility of the teacher to monitor the progress and effectiveness of their teaching for each child, especially to provide each child with the ability to competently identify opportunities for learning and the way(s) in which they can best derive the maximal benefit from each of these opportunities. This clearly demonstrates the cyclical nature of development and the requirement for all parties to be committed to the learning process. This is crucial as developmental progress made at the early stages of life are influential way beyond childhood; the experiences which bring about learning are very likely to shape adult experience, adult personality/tendencies/preferences and success as defined by the terms of Every Child Matters policy (to be healthy, to stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic.

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