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Technology is not necessarily a bad thing, but excessive use of it is resulting in negative outcomes. New technological advances are created daily to help enhance the way we live and factors related to it, but the excessive use of it is just making it problematic. Who doesn’t want to use a calculator for those difficult problems, or use a cell phone to get a quick response? These advances are definitely beneficial, it’s just when it becomes habitual that it causes issues. According to a study in Britain, the British are looking for a way to further incorporate cell phones into their lesson plans for the future. “We hope that, in the future, mobile phone use will be as natural as using any other technology in school,” says Elizabeth Hartnell- Young, University of Nottingham research fellow and study co-author (Docksai, 10). Technology can always result in benefits if used in a particular manner; America just has a habit of abusing anything it can come across which results in the downfalls. “It’s like everything else; you have to be careful about it. There’s proper and improper use” (Docksai, 11).Technology is definitely a major factor in the daily lives of many, but if continually abused it could result in negative outcomes. Kolesnikova and Brende stress the impact it has left on them and society in general. Constant use of technological advances can lead to issues involving an individual’s everyday skills and capabilities. It’s up to the user to use it with caution and understand the dangers of it. If day by day examples and incidents go to show the impact and destruction it has caused already, than why further encourage it? These advances are to be used with limits, and should be taken into consideration when operated. Overall, it is up to those who are already abusing it to cut down. If continually abused, such advances may be banned.


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