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在基础阶段应该教授的内容方面,《基础阶段文件课程指南》(参见DfEE, 2000)列出了旨在形成基础阶段学习基础的六个学习领域:沟通、读写和语言;对世界的认识和理解;个人、社会和情感发展;数学的发展;身体发展和创造性发展(QCA, 2008)。这六个学习领域中的每一个都有一套相关的早期学习目标,教师应该以完成为目标,记录孩子在基础阶段的成就(DfES, 2007)。关键阶段1,孩子应该掌握所有必要的早期学习目标和应,通过这个,启用开始将他们的学习过程通过项目研究的关键阶段1的国家课程通过国家课程评估,那么,从小,孩子有一个非常结构化的学习途径,在当前国家课程框架下,关键阶段1儿童的学习结果,以及由于每个基础阶段儿童需要填写的基础阶段概况(DfES, 2007)。这种学习途径是如何传递给孩子,这些学习成果是如何实现的,但是,没有严格和教师免费提供这些学习成果在他们认为合适的方式,尽管在大多数政府地方教育在英国,这是通常依赖先前模型的框架下进行的成功.


in terms of what should be being taught at the Foundation Stage level, the document Curriculum Guidance for Foundation Stage (see DfEE, 2000) sets out six areas of learning that are intended to form the basis of Foundation Stage learning: communication, literacy and language; knowledge and understanding of the world; personal, social and emotional development; mathematical development; physical development and creative development (QCA, 2008). Each of these six areas of learning has a set of related early learning goals that the teacher should aim for completing, in terms of recording the child’s achievement on their Foundation Stage Profile (DfES, 2007). By Key Stage 1, children should have mastered all of the necessary early learning goals and should, through this, be enabled to begin the learning process that will take them through the programme of study as set out in the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 right through to their National Curriculum Assessments .Thus, from an early age, children have an extremely structured learning pathway, in terms of the learning outcomes that are desired under the current National Curriculum framework for Key Stage 1 children and due to the Foundation Stage Profiles that need to be filled out for every Foundation Stage level child (DfES, 2007). How this learning pathway is delivered to children, and how these learning outcomes are achieved is, however, not so rigid and teachers are free to deliver these learning outcomes in the way in which they see fit, although in most Government-run places of education in the UK, this is usually performed under the framework of dependence on previous models of success


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