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英国essay格式 护肤之道the way to protect the skin

When the autumn comes, the air is so dry, people’s skin becomes dry, too, especially for the girls, they can’t stand their skin looks so old, they figure out all the ways to protect their skin and keep their skin smooth. Protecting the skin is very important, it can make people look younger and healthy. There are many ways to protect the skin.

First, we need to drink more water. People’s body contains a lot of water, without water, there is no life. Water keeps people alive, when people feel thirsty, their bodies are lacking of water, they need to drink some water to gain the energy. When lacking water, people’s skin will wrinkle, it will make people look old, at this moment, people can drink more water to make the skin smooth.

Second, people can buy some skin protecting product, like the oil, they can paste the oil on the skin, the skin will gain some water, thus it will not lose a lot of water. The products are very helpful to keep the skin smooth.

Drinking more water and pasting the oil are the best ways to keep the skin smooth, for looking young, let’s protect the skin.

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